About Susan

Susan O’Daniel

Educator, Speaker, Author

Professional Memberships:
Arizona Chapter, National Speaker’s Association, Candidate
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
Association for Middle Level Education

Deep in my heart, I am and always will be a teacher. I am passionate about teaching adults and children how to take control of their thoughts, build positive beliefs, and achieve a more fulfilled life. I have taught and counseled in middle and high schools for over twenty years, and for about that same number of years, I have taught and trained adults using the same ideas. Many schools and companies (thousands of people), have heard my time-tested truths, and I'm anxious to begin to share them with you!

My journey began with a horrific car accident in 1987. I was traveling in the passenger side of a car when we were struck directly on my car door. The violent impact flipped our car as we were hit at a speed in excess of 50 MPH. A helicopter air-lifted me to a hospital in Phoenix, and I remained in critical care for several days, unaware of the life-saving efforts of numerous doctors and nurses who cared for me. Nine broken bones along with several other serious injuries led to a lengthy hospital stay followed by a long recovery period. But, despite the nearly fatal event that occurred, the day of my car crash, in reality, was a wonderful day, for it sparked a change in me that has made each day my favorite day, no matter what events occur.

The first step in my journey to "great fullness" was becoming grateful for every day and for all of the events of each day, even the unfortunate ones like the car accident. After all, every experience offers us a chance to find happiness and fulfillment, or at least a chance to grow and develop. True internal growth comes from our experiences, and most importantly from the highs and lows in our lives. As an English proverb states, "A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner." We must learn to navigate well the waters of our lives.

I look at each day, now, as an incredible opportunity since I learned how very suddenly life and health can be changed or even taken away. I love life, and I enjoy taking advantage of all the opportunities it offers, which helps create fulfillment. Through the steps I learned after the accident, I have discovered a fulfilled life rich with love. I am truly grateful for this great fullness I have found.

Today is my favorite day, and I know my journey can help every day become your favorite day, too!